Green Nicotine Green Membership
Green Nicotine Green Membership


Our vision makes the difference - your expertise makes the living?

Green Nicotine E-Cigarette products are changing the world one smoker at a time - and we want you to be a part of it!  Whether you are new to the world of small business, or an entrepreneur looking for a better brand of electronic cigarettes, one small investment could change your life.  Green Nicotine even has a line of products available to Convenient Store Owners and Regional Sales Representatives!

No matter who you are,  or what your expertise level, our corporate support and loyal customer base will have you earning incredible income and making a difference - all at the same time!


"I left a corporate   consulting  career  to  open  a  Green  Nicotine  kiosk 2 years  ago  and  I  haven’t  looked  back.  I  believe  in  the   Green Nicotine products  and  philosophy.  If  you  teach   your  employees  to  do the  same, your  retail  front  will  run   smoothly  and  customers  will  keep coming  back for   more!  We  will  be  opening  our  6th  store  in  the next  few months  and plan  to  continue   growing  this  unique  brand.”  –  Jeremy Mayers
Own your very own GreenNicotine store... If you already have a store selling E-Cigarettes...switch to a better E-Cig...
Complete store set up and in depth sales training... Event merchandise available for shows, fairs, concerts, etc...

Thank you for your interest in Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes.

Please email us at and one of our licensing specialists will contact you shortly.

Please include your name, email, a phone number where we can reach you
and what type of Entrepreneur you are.

After you have submitted your information, we invite you to watch a short presentation on how your small investment will bring you incredible return.


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This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Consult your physician prior to purchasing Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes