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Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are constantly up for review. Green Nicotine, NJoy, Green Smoke, and Smoke 51 are always in the lead in this industry. However, it is beginning to be very clear, when these E-Cigarettes are reviewed, one company always seems to out perform the competition: Green Nicotine. Green Nicotine’s batteries, cartridges, and customer service are unparralled in the electronic cigarette industry. E-cigarettes are a great concept, but are proving to be unreliable. Search these electronic cigarette companies on Google. You’ll find: Green Smoke has battery issues. Green Smoke has cartridge issues. Green Smoke has customer service issues. Some things you’ll find on Green Smoke…”They work great but the taste is not so good”…”having to charge batteries about 3 times per day.” Njoy cartridges work for a few good hits, then barely any vapor. NJoy is a 3 part system whos’ atomizers always go bad. Njoy’s cartridges are equivalent to about 10 cigs. Blu Cig has reviews almost identical to Njoy. This makes sense since both Njoy and Blu Cig are three part products, but why all the bad reviews on Green Smoke? Smoke 51 issues on reviews: “First battery just died suddenly after 3 weeks and would not take a charge”…”Smoke 51…replacement battery was impossible to draw through and was returned”…”SMOKE 51 has some serious quality control issues!”…”It is time to retire the SMOKE 51.”

Then you come to Green Nicotine reviews on Google. Look for bad reviews. Stay up 3 days trying to find one bad review online! You won’t, you can’t…what does that tell you e-cigarette users. Green Nicotine is the highest quality E-Cigarette in the World…period. Green Nicotine is spread all throughout the country. You mean to say with all these locations…not a single bad review on Green Nicotine. How is that possible? Higher quality components, higher quality fluids, superior customer service, better e-cigarette….Period. Search Google on Green Nicotine and come up with quotes like this…”It works wonderfully”…”Green Nicotine is an amazing product”…”Best electronic cigarette I’ve found”…”The flavor of Green Nicotine E-Cigs are so much better!!!”…”the Green Smoke was about  a pack of cigs, and Green Nicotine cartridges are over two packs!!!”…”My review of Green Nicotine…two thumbs way up!!!”…”Green Nicotine is exactly what they say they are…the best!” Great reviews all around for Green Nicotine.

Clearly, serious research and development has been done by the folks @ Green Nicotine. If your looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette, do not take my word for it. Search Google. See for yourself. Green Nicotine is the electronic cigarette hands down.

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