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Green Nicotine Leads the Way in Preventing Minors From Using Electronic Cigarettes

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

TUCSON, AZ — Amidst a flurry of scrutiny about the electronic cigarette industry, Green Nicotine once again finds itself standing out from all other electronic cigarette companies.

Recent attacks on the electronic cigarette industry stem from concern that minors are finding it easy to get their hands on e-cigs. Ease of access, coupled with enticing flavors, has made it increasingly convenient for minors to gain access to electronic cigarettes. As government agencies become more involved in monitoring electronic cigarette companies to prevent the targeting of minors, Green Nicotine has set the standard for ethical self-regulation.

“I cannot speak for other electronic cigarette companies, but I can tell you that Green Nicotine has made it a mission to prevent minors from getting ahold of our electronic cigarettes. We aren’t worried about further regulation that would restrict e-cigarette use by minors. In fact, we welcome and encourage it. Not only have we employed a mandatory identification check at our physical locations, enforced through secret shoppers and surveillance, but we also require an adult signature for each new customer that orders through our website,” said Sean Schoepflin, owner and CEO of Green Nicotine. “Our intent is to improve the lives of current smokers, not to convert non-smokers to our product.”

Green Nicotine’s commitment to reducing access of electronic cigarettes to minors goes beyond the Age Verification Policy. While many e-cigarette brands have added fruit or candy flavors to their product lines, Green Nicotine has maintained its strong stance of only offering traditional tobacco flavors.

“A real smoker doesn’t want a strawberry flavored substitute. Smokers want a product that tastes like the real thing. Any e-cig company, including Green Nicotine, has the technology to produce flavors that appeal to everyone. We have specifically chosen not to do that. Fruit flavors do nothing but promote the recruitment of non-smokers and minors,” said Schoepflin.

Since its inception, Green Nicotine has sought to improve the lives of smokers by reducing the intake of harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are associated with traditional tobacco. The goal of Green Nicotine is a smoke-free environment that will be more beneficial for all people, especially those suffering from exposure to second and third hand smoke.

“Our purpose is to help our customers satisfy or reduce their nicotine intake while also eliminating harmful chemicals. My ideal world would be one in which Green Nicotine is no longer necessary and we have to close our doors because all of our customers no longer need our product. It isn’t about turning a profit for me. It’s about improving lives that have been damaged by traditional tobacco use.”

Once again, it is the mission and vision of Green Nicotine that is not only central to the company, but is also defining the industry.

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Cigarette Smoking Linked to Breast Cancer

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Smoking is a major risk factor for breast cancer among women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, according to US researchers in a report published in the April issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

Their study of 132 families with at least three breast or ovarian cancer patients found that patients’ sisters and daughters who smoked were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer, compared with the nonsmoking sisters and daughters of patients.

In families with the strongest genetic risk–those with at least five members with cancer–smoking was an even more significant risk factor. Patients’ sisters and daughters who smoked at some point in their lives were nearly six times more likely to develop breast cancer than relatives who never smoked.

The researchers explain that smoking boosts carcinogens, or cancer-causing chemicals, in the blood. These chemicals can cause mutations in the DNA of breast cells which, over time, lead to cancer.

The study authors call for further research into the link between cigarette smoking and breast cancer among women with a genetic risk. “If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, it’s never too late to quit,” Sellers said.

Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes urge all women smokers to mark this month as the month they put their cigarettes down.  Breast cancer is a horrible thing to deal with and we definitely do not need to do anything to increase our chances of getting it.  Our lives are too precious and our families are worth doing everything in our power to increase our time with them.

SOURCE: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 2001;10:327-332.

NOTE: Secondhand smoke has long been associated with a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

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My Father’s Fight With Emphysema/C.O.P.D

Saturday, October 1st, 2011


Tucson, AZ – Last night, I received a phone call that has become all too familiar.   My uncle was phoning me to tell me it was happening again.   My father was having another attack and I needed to come and help him.  Immediately.  In his condition, these attacks could easily take his life.  Luckily, after being transported to the ER at Tucson Heart Hospital, he stabilized.  But the bad news is that this will not be the last time that this will happen, as the medical staff has clearly cautioned us.  They also confirmed what we already knew: eventually one of these attacks will take his life.  I feel compelled to share with you the torture that my father goes through and the pain I feel watching it all unfold.  My hope is that my pain and my father’s torture inspires just a few of you to terminate your habit for good by understanding  just how bad circumstances can become.

My father has lived a great life.  He served for over 20 years in our Armed Forces and there are few places in this world that he has not visited.  He loved to travel and was a very active man.   Growing up, I never saw weakness in my father.  Even into his fifties, there were few 20 year olds who could sport a better physique.  But today, he is just over 100 pounds.  Each day, he struggles to draw breath.  He is still stubborn and willing to take on an army of men, but he is physically beaten by years of traditional tobacco use.

Like many of us, my father never realized just how massive of a toll smoking would take on our fragile bodies one day.  In my experience, this realization comes far too late.  The pain, the suffering, the torture…everything we have been warned about…it all becomes so real.  And our families and loved ones have to experience it as we do.

An attack is something no one wants to witness.  As one who has once again had to do so, I am overcome by emotion.  I could not imagine what it is like to personally endure.

The look in my father eyes is fear (although he will never admit it).  It is a look that puts more fear in me than I had ever thought possible.  Had I arrived too late?  Am I going to lose my Dad?  He begins to grasp for his inhaler.  He uses them as directed and nothing happens.  Nothing works.  We give him his oxygen and still nothing.  He cannot breathe no matter how many times we try and anxiety begins to set in.   Using the last of his dwindling breathe, he tells us goodbye.   By now, the ambulance has arrived and he is rushed to the hospital.

We follow.

At the hospital, nothing anyone can do helps.  His dioxide levels rise and his oxygen levels decrease rapidly.   Delirium sets in.  Doctors now approach me and explain to me the dangers of intubation.  I am told that it will stabilize him.  However, they also inform me that the chance of his body being able to work on its own, once the tube is removed, is very unlikely.  It seems there are no other options.  Before the tube is inserted, the doctors strap a mask on my father’s face that forces oxygen into his body.  This is our last resort before intubation.  Miraculously, he stabilized after one hour.  Within a week, he will return home with the promise that he will be back again.  But all of us know that eventually an attack will take his life.

For my father, it is clear that the damage done to his body by smoking cannot be reversed.  He will pass on in a way that no one should have to die.  Learn from this, read of other similar occurrences, and wake up for the sake of you and your family.  Think about it.  If we continue to smoke all these chemicals into our bodies, it will most definitely end in a torturous death.  This is no exaggeration.  We must stop ignoring the pain and suffering of others who have gone through similar circumstances.  Please understand what will happen to you, what does not need to happen to you, and what YOU CAN EASILY PREVENT!  You should spend your last days aging gracefully and YOU CAN!  For yourself, and for those closest to you, please make this pack your last.



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More Multi-Family Buildings in New Jersey are Going Smoke Free

Monday, September 26th, 2011

ATLANTIC CITY — It’s against the law in New Jersey to smoke in common areas of residential buildings, but property managers are increasingly turning their complexes completely smoke-free because of the health and financial benefits.

Nearly two dozen public and private housing properties prohibit smoking in private areas throughout the state, according to the Global Advisors for Smokefree Policy, or GASP. And there is momentum for more, said speakers on a panel Tuesday in Atlantic City about smoke-free multifamily buildings.

The discussion was part of the two-day Governor’s Conference on Housing and Economic Development.

“This is truly an emerging trend in housing,” said Karen Blumenfeld, executive director of GASP, which is based in Summit.

The New Jersey Smoke-free Air Act prohibits smoking in common areas like hallways, lobbies and stairwells, and requires smokers to stand away from doors and windows to prevent smoke from wafting in. Places like college dorms, nursing homes and foster or adoptive family houses are also smoke-free under the law.

The benefits to going smoke-free are extensive, said property managers who have made the switch — there are lower maintenance costs because no one has to clean up cigarette butts, faster turnaround times on available units because smoke residue isn’t stuck in wall paint and carpets, decreased fire and damage risks, and the opportunity for reduced insurance costs.

“By and large, everyone likes it — it keeps the hallways cleaner, it smells better,” said Steve Tancer, director of property management and operations for RPM Development Group in Montclair. Seven of RPM’s 25 properties are smoke-free, including buildings in Newark, Somerset and Orange.

One concern is whether smokers feel discriminated, but Tancer said they didn’t find that to be the case.

“There was virtually no resistance,” he said.

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Save on Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes…Text to Save!!!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Text and Save Campaign

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Green Nicotine Welcomes New FDA Regulation of the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

(Tucson, AZ – April 27, 2011) –The recent ruling in the Sottera, Inc. v. Food & Drug Administration case has once again brought the E-Cigarette industry into the spotlight and Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes could not be better prepared. Many electronic cigarette companies will have to scramble to prepare for FDA regulation, but Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes has been prepared for these types of regulations.

In fact, Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes welcomes a higher level of government regulation, as Green Nicotine president and CEO Sean Schoepflin says, “We are excited about the opportunity to have the FDA enforce regulations that we [Green Nicotine] have been implementing for years. We know that we have the world’s most technologically advanced and safest electronic cigarette. This is our chance to prove it.”

While many other E-Cigarette companies have had questionable methods of production and marketing strategies, Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes holds itself to a higher standard with both superior quality and ethical marketing. Green Nicotine has not only made claims that it does not market to minors or non-smokers, but has taken action in both of these areas with the Age Verification Program and internal Secret Shoppers. The goal of Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes is not to recruit new smokers, but rather to help current smokers stop using traditional tobacco products, which are known to contain chemicals that cause cancer and lead to many other health related issues.

Schoepflin said, “We know there has been a lot of concern over the potential marketing to minors, which is exactly way we have taken action. We don’t produce producing fruity flavors and our Age Verification Program sets us apart from our competitors. Hopefully these new regulations will validate the electronic cigarette industry as a genuine alternative to traditional tobacco use.”

Even with the prior lack of governmental regulation, Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes had operated as though the government was keeping a close eye on them. According to Schoepflin, “Just because you CAN get away with inferior quality and unethical marketing does not mean that you SHOULD. Green Nicotine has always had a superior electronic cigarette and practiced thoughtful marketing.” Green Nicotine has long sought ways to bring recognition and legitimacy to its ground breaking product and mission.

“This company was founded on the idea that we would revolutionize the E-Cigarette industry. We aren’t out for a quick buck. We want to actually improve the lifestyle of traditional tobacco smokers. That is what makes Green Nicotine different,” says Schoepflin

For more information, please visit

Media Contact: Allison M. Harte
Director of Marketing, Taxon Group, LLC

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Green Nicotine Finds New Ways to Improve the Electronic Cigarette Industry…And the Environment.

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Tucson, AZ (April 20th, 2011) – It’s Earth Day and in this spirit, Green Nicotine has once again found a way to lead the electronic cigarette industry while also reducing its environmental impact.  Green Nicotine has announced that it will join the ranks of other “eco-conscious” companies around the world in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing its latest ground breaking program: “Live Green, Give Green,” a comprehensive recycling program.

Such innovative improvements are nothing new to Green Nicotine, as the company constantly seeks to elevate an industry that has been riddled by failure and questionable business practices.  Not only has Green Nicotine set a new industry standard with its Age Verification Program, but now the company is working harder to live up to its namesake, and not just by creating a smoke-free environment.

Green Nicotine is taking massive steps to reduce both its own impact on the environment and those of its customers by partnering with Toxco International, the leader in Lithium-ion recycling.  Green Nicotine will now stand shoulder to shoulder with other eco-friendly corporations like Ikea and Whole Foods in working directly with “The Big Green Box” Initiative.

This program will provide Green Nicotine customers with specially designed receptacles, located at Green Nicotine locations, to recycle lithium-ion batteries, used replacement cartridges, disposable electronic cigarettes and cigars.  In an effort to help customers go Green and stay Green, Green Nicotine will also be offering discount incentives (for use on Green Nicotine purchases) each time a customer participates in the program.  As an added bonus, and continued evidence that Green Nicotine’s vision is to improve the electronic cigarette industry, Green Nicotine will also accept any competitor batteries, disposables and cartridges and give those customers the same incentives on Green Nicotine products.

As Sean Schoepflin, President and CEO of Green Nicotine said, “It just makes sense.  We want people to stop using traditional tobacco and never go back.  Along with some of the most competitive and thoughtful manufacturing in the industry, this company is trying to improve the environment for everyone, not just our customers.  This is our way of saying thank you to those who go Green and live Green, whether or not they do it with Green Nicotine.”

“The Big Green Box” initiative will be rolled out nation-wide over the next month.  To learn more about this program, please visit

Media Contact: Allison M. Harte
Director of Marketing, Taxon Group, LLC

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Green Nicotine March Video Contest Winner

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

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Electronic Cigarette Company Raises Industry Standards – Again

Friday, April 8th, 2011

(Tucson, AZ – April 8, 2011) – The E-Cigarette industry has recently come under fire for the [potential] sale of its product to minors. This scrutiny stems from what some say is the “misleading marketing” of candy-flavored electronic cigarettes.  Opponents of the smoke-free concept are concerned about the sale of e-cigarettes to underage consumers and the irresponsible marketing towards the non-smoking public.

Currently, online retailers are trusted to refuse sales to minors. But the question remains – how much accountability should these companies have when verifying the age of its customers – especially when the marketing is so overtly underage?

Could electronic cigarettes, which are designed to give smokers an alternative, actually create new smokers? While many in the industry who sell flavors such as watermelon, strawberry, and other fruit flavors hope the appeal brings in new customers – current smokers or not – the electronic cigarette retail giant, Green Nicotine, hopes that answer is an overwhelming no.

Sean Schoepflin, CEO of Green Nicotine said “Clearly, these flavors spark the interest of a younger generation, quite possibly, a younger generation that may have never used traditional tobacco in the first place.” Believe it or not, the only measures many E-cig companies use to verify age online, is by just asking.  He goes on to say, “By simply requiring a customer to verify their age through a drop-down menu in a shopping cart, a retailer is putting the entire onus on the customer – but Green nicotine is different.”

Starting in April, Green Nicotine will be implementing a new campaign it calls “The 21 and Older Shipment Verification Requirement.” Moving forward, the online sale of any product containing nicotine will not be delivered without a photo ID present by the receiver. This program is unique to electronic cigarette industry and will require the signature of not just someone who is 18, but rather 21, prior to the release of the package. This campaign is the first of its kind in the electronic cigarette market and is Schoepflin’s most proactive campaign to date.

Green Nicotine realizes that it’s also no secret that the illegal sale of traditional tobacco products to minors is a nation-wide epidemic. Recently, the Attorney’s General in states like Arizona and New York conducted a series of sting operations targeting retailers who fail to properly ID traditional tobacco purchases.

According to one local news report, evidence is mounting that the problem is not as isolated as simply failing to ID the purchaser – its failing to correctly verify the age.   “These days,” states an undercover agent who was a part of the sting, “many tobacco retailers use ID readers. They slide your driver’s license or ID through; it reads the strip on the back and automatically tells the clerk if you’re old enough to buy.”  This method is the only way retailers can be certain that the customer is of legal age. As the report points out, a number of retailers who were sited actually asked for identification, but still sold to the customer.

Schoepflin says, “Obviously, this negligent approach by retailers is similar to what is happening with the online sales of electronic cigarettes. There’s a clear failure on the part of the company when minors are only required to perform simple math, in order to purchase electronic cigarettes.” The campaign is the company’s way of re-affirming its commitment to the prevention of electronic cigarettes being sold to minors.

As an industry leader, Green Nicotine has never offered “fruit or candy-flavored” e-cigarettes. Schoepflin feels, “Anything that tastes like a fresh banana is sure to turn a few kids on.” His company sticks to only traditional flavors.

He believes serious smokers who are looking for an alternative are not looking for a basket of fruit. He says, “Of course I could increase sales if I offered fruit flavors, but ultimately I’d defeat the reason behind why this company came to be. Kids would pick them up, non-smokers would be intrigued…I would be hurting more than I would be helping.”

A company that is willing to sacrifice profit for the greater good? “Yes,” says Schoepflin. “I intend to eliminate any opportunity for a minor to get their hands on Green Nicotine and in turn, I look toward a future where all E-Cigarettes are ethically marketed across the industry. It’s a refreshing twist in an otherwise muddied industry.

These concerns are of great importance, my company intends on setting higher standards in an industry that is very loosely regulated.” When comparing Green Nicotine its competitors, it’s not hard to realize what makes Schoepflin’s company different. Its E-cigarettes look better, feel better, and taste better. However, that’s not what sets the company apart from others. Green Nicotine’s secret ingredient is its clear vision of changing the world one smoker at a time – without creating new ones.

For More information visit:

Media Contact: Allison M. Harte
Director of Marketing, Taxon Group, LLC

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Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Contest

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Green Nicotine March Contest

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Electronic Cigarette March Contest

Green Nicotine Videos must be submitted by 11:59PM March 31st, 2011

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