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Over the years, the most frequent question I find myself answering is, “What is in an E Cigarette?”  E Cig users want to know how an electronic cigarette works, where they are made, and if they are a safe alternative.  I also consistently meet e cigarette users who have no idea about the safety of their electronic cigarette.  This concerns me.  Would you buy a car without seeing a safety report, a service report, or talking to a current “knowledgable” owner?  I want to address the facts about manufacturing, fluid composition, and ethical business and marketing practices.  These are facts that the electronic cigarette industry doesn’t want you to know.

Most people familiar with the e cig industry have heard of FDA tests that have found contaminants in some electronic cigarettes, or that there have been reports of electronic cigarettes exploding during use.  The latter instances have resulted in serious harm to the users.  But what most of the public doesn’t know is how frequently these issues arise and how serious of a concern these problems truly are.

The manufacturing of an electronic cigarette is the most crucial stage of its creation.  However, there are few companies who are  willing to invest time and money in order to ensure a high standard.  Most e cigarette companies are concerned only with increased profit margins, resulting in poor quality control.  A reduced quality of manufacturing will lead to an increased possibility of harm to the user.  Electronic Cigarette companies need to wake up and consumers must be informed.

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